ADULT VOLUNTEERS, our ‘smilers and inspirers’

Volunteer for Team Stoneham: Team Beavers, Team Cubs, Team Scouts, Team Admin, Finance, Projects & Events

Every adult in ours, and all other Groups, are volunteers. Volunteers are vital to the running of our Scout Group. Our volunteers may be leaders, section assistants, skills instructors, administrators, fundraisers, communication specialists, project managers and more. You don’t have to be an adventurer like Bear Grylls to get involved with Scouting. Do you have first aid knowledge? Are you good with numbers? Handy in the kitchen? A DIY whizz? Like nature? Good with animals? Like stargazing? Know about Health and Safety? We all have useful skills and you can volunteer and help in many ways that suit your family and career schedule.

Parental Partnership. You don’t have to be a parent to help, or have been a Scout before. But if your child is a member, we need you to step up – and there are so many ways that you can do this to fit in with your schedule. If we can build big adult volunteer teams, then no adult volunteer needs to turn up every week. That’s only fair isn’t it? It’s great fun to join in activities with your children and be a big kid again!

As long as you're over 18, you can be an adult volunteer in Scouting. There is no upper age limit for adult volunteers. If you are aged between 14 and 18, you can be a Young Leader with our Group which can count towards the DofE Award.

Our award-winning and externally recognised training scheme for volunteer adults means that adults get as much from Scouts as young people. Our approach focuses on what you want to get out of volunteering with Scouts, while respecting how much time you can offer. Over 90% of Scout volunteers say that their skills and experiences have been useful in their work or personal life.


Parents and Carers will of course expect all of our adult volunteers to know what they are doing, and that their children will be safe. The Scout Association is committed to safeguarding the welfare of all members, and actively applies and monitors procedures that protect members from physical, sexual and emotional harm. All adult volunteers aged 18 years or over are responsible for putting this policy into action at all times. For information, a copy of our ‘Young people first’ yellow card is included in this pack. This code of practice is an example of good practice that is recognised by the Child Protection Agencies. Please also see https://www.scouts.org.uk for more information.


All adults who have a role in Scouting must complete a Disclosure and Barring disclosure application, resulting a DBS certificate issued directly to the adult volunteer by the relevant agency. Even those who help occasionally or are involved in an administrative capacity are required to complete this DBS application.

Code of Conduct

One of the first activities that young members will undertake is to establish a ‘Code of Conduct’ for their meetings and activities. Anti-bullying and Respect will be important parts of this Code.

We request that young members do not bring valuables, including mobile phones, to meetings. Mobiles can be very distracting, and our insurance does not cover property loss or damage.

Privacy Information and Membership Records

Our Group complies with all Data Protection regulations in respect of the information stored and communicated, and those with access have received appropriate training. No information will be passed to a third party. It is important that parents complete and update when necessary any relevant documentation or electronic records of their child that contain this information. Please keep your child’s section leader informed. For administrative support, our Group uses the regulated ‘Online Scout Manager’.